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Though locks of various kinds can be seen installed on doors and safes in houses, factories, office and other facilities for years, they do require proper inspection from time to time. Apart from the fact that the locks can well get deteriorated in quality over time, there is also the need to replace this in case a break through or burglary attempt has been made at the facility. This situation should ideally prompt you to go and re-key locks , so that you have a peace of mind while you occupy the facility.

For any locksmith requirements, anywhere in area, SpringHollow IN Locksmith Store can be the provider of choice, as it is in case of other customers in need for locksmith services. With the vast experience spanning a decade behind us, our team of locksmiths is well-versed with the various nuances of replacing and re-keying of locks of all types.

What does a re-key operation entail?

SpringHollow IN Locksmith Store SpringHollow, IN 317-482-7892Rekeying operation for locks ideally involves the replacement of the entire mechanism by which they work. What this means is that the tumbler and the pin arrangement which powers the utility of the locks would be totally replaced. What this does is that it renders the old keys dysfunctional and we will also assist you with a new set of keys for the locks.

Another important procedure which we perform at the time when we re-key locks is to get rid of the master key pin from it. This helps us stall a security hazard for you, which will prevent burglars, previous tenants or any others who are not authorized access from entering the premises by using their master keys.

When to re-key locks?

The following are the situations when re-keying of existing locks is an advisable thing to do.

A new property move:

If you are moving houses, there is a chance that property agents, previous tenants or others might have access to the place and hence it is wise to re-key locks for the doors and window.

When renting out the place:

If you are a landlord welcoming new tenants to your rented property, go for re-keying the locks to stop the previous tenants from entering your premises without permission.

When you see a security incident:

There can be times when an attempt at a burglary may happen at your place. If this has just happened at your place, it is worth going for a re-key locks procedure to be rest assured.

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